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Program : Nature, Volcano, Historical, Rock Climbing
Code :MET-004
Transport: Flight & surface
Duration :16 days and 15 nights

Day 01. You will be warmly welcomed by our guide or staff at the airport and transfer to your hotel for overnight

 Day 02. After early breakfast start exploring the best tourist attractions of the city like national museum, Merkato, Red terror museum and Entoto Mountain, then back to the hotel, Overnight Addis

 Day 03. After breakfast you will be transfer to the airport to take your flight to Bahir-dar and the driver will be there to pick you up and start the long interesting journey of the northern circuit including afar. On this day you will have a boat cruise over lake Tana to visit the most ancient Ethiopian orthodox churches in Zege pensisula namely Ur-kidanemihret and Azewa Mariyam. Overnight Bahirdar

 Day 04 after breakfast continue your drive about 32km out of the city enjoy to enjoy the spectacular Blue-Nile waterfalls and back to the city for lunch and in the afternoon you will visit the former palaces of Emperor Haileselassie on Bezawit Hill. Overnight Bahirdar

 Day 05.after breakfast drive to Gonder enjoying the spectacular scenery, agricultural activities and stops for photos. After lunch, you will visit the medieval castles of emperor Fasiledes with six different lofty castles, Debrebirhan Selassie church elaborately decorated with wall paintings and finally you will visit the swimming pool of Emperor Faisledes. Overnight Gonder

Day 06. After early Breakfast, drive to Debark, a small town considered to be the main gate for the park and where we start entrance process for the park. On the way you will visit Felasha Village home of black Jews and different outstanding views. After lunch you will continue driving further to the park with organized crews like cooks, scout, local guides and horse mans. On this day you will have a chance to enjoy a trek for two to three hours trekking with troops of Chelada Baboons and overnight Sankaber campsite

Day 07. After breakfast, continue down the main route, taking time to look down the 1000m valley on your left and enjoy the spectacular jinbar-wenz waterfalls, walk through Giant Loblia valley to Saha and go up to Gich for overnight. GichCamspite

Day 08, After breakfast, Visit Imit-Gogo 3900m asl, with variety of views and enjoy a eight hours trek to through one of the best routes to witness the rich wildlife. (additional trekking options are available on request).  Overnight Chenek Campsite.

Day 09. Before breakfast, do walk upto the mountain for an hour and you will visit a troops Walia Ibex and back to the campsite for breakfast. Then, continue driving to Axum via Debarik, and on the way you will enjoy a scenic views of Limalimo and tekeze river. Over night Axum

Day 10. After breakfast, enjoy the ancient capitals of Ethiopia, visit the churches of Zion, obelisks, Miashum swimming pool for queen of sheba, archeological site, a colorful basket market. Over Night Axum

Day 11. After breakfast, drive to Gehralta cluster to climb up Mariam Korkor church, one of exciting rock church in Gehralta settlement with geometrically perfect domes and ceilings. Overnight Gehralta.

Day 12. After breakfast, walk up to AbuneYemata, one of an incredible orthodox church a very ascent steep to climb up spectacularly cited within a cliff face and will bring you to the foot of the perpendicular rock mountains of Guh(name of the area) which appears as though they are pillars to sky. The scenery is breathtaking. Overnight Mekele

Day 13. After breakfast, Drive to Hamedla via Berhale a small town where we will proves the permit letter to visit Afar region and you will spend couple of hours enjoying your lunch, then continue driving to Hamedla where you can enjoy a camel caravan during the evening with a beautiful sunset.  overnight, Campsite

Day 14.  in the morning drive to Dallol, the lowest depression in the world with full of geological wonders and visit the beautiful and colored landscapes formed by volcanic activity. Then ion your way you will visit Lake Asale,where you will attend the activities of the local people breaking the salt into rectangular pieces and loading on camels back to transport Mekele. After quick lunch proceed to Erta-ale through one of the worst lava roads and after early dinner at Dodom,trek up to Erta-Ale for about three to four hours depending on your fitness. Camels will transport your camping materials, foods and drinks. Now  you can spend a peaceful night admiring the beautiful nature and the actions of the volcano. Camping on Erta-ale mountain.

Day 15. Start walking down to Dodom,to enjoy your breakfast. On the way back you Mekele, should  you enjoy your picnic lunch at one of Afar village?. After relaxing proceed to Mekele.

Day 16. Fly to Addis and relax the rest of the day


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