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Welcome to the Land of Origins

Ethiopia is located in the east of Africa with much volcanic activity prevailing for million of years and has outstanding physical features high mountain ranges plateau, lowlands, deeps gorgeous, wide valley, rivers, and year-around agreeable climate. With its fabulous 3000 years of history, diverse ethnic groups with their own languages, distinctive geographical location, and traditions as well as with its spectacular scenery embarrassing contrast land features ranging from the top of rugged Semen Mountains to the depth of the Denakil Depression which is more than 116 meters below sea level and one of the lowest dry land point on earth.

The abundance of natural beauty that blessed Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of landscapes. Afro-Alpine highlands soaring to around 4300metres a chain of mountains, splendors of the Great Rift valley, white water rivers giant waterfalls, dense and lush jungle are among the natural attractions of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a country with one of the richest histories on the African continent, a wealth of castles, palaces, obelisks and ancient Ethiopian orthodox churches and monasteries. Ethiopia was the first country to build a Christian church in the African soil and this makes Ethiopian one of the oldest Christian nation in the world.  Christianity was knocked the boundaries of Ethiopia in the 4th century AD during the time of Axumite kingdom and the original ark of the convent brought from Israel by emperor Menilik and still kept in the church Tsion Mary in Axum.

Ethiopia is often described as the land of thirteen month of sunshine, the cradle of mankind, civilization, and the source of Blue-Nile, is one of the African countries that posses a tremendous tourist attraction sites. Its greatly endowed with both natural and cultural attractions. The country is also a museum of many mosaics of cultural features such as archeological and paleontological sites, historical monuments, religious and ethnographic objects.  The pleasant religious holidays, traditional way of life, hospitability and friendly attitudes of the people are among the intangible the intangible cultural attractions of the country. Ethiopia has nine universally important world heritage sites registered by UNISCO World Heritage

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