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Blue Nile Water Falls

The spectacular Blue Nile falls, known as Tis Abay are found 30km South of Bahir Dar. The fall plunges over a 45m high rock face to form one of Africa;s most spectacular waterfall. The cascalding that plunges down the chasm produces a continuous spray of water droplets and mist that make the area look as if  it were covered with smoke, the subsequent rain bows that shift and shimmer across the gorge and the green scenery are sources of exceptional pleasure.

The 18th century traveler James Bruce who is often credited as the first European to see Tis Isat described the waterfall as a “magnificent sight, that ages added to the greatest length of human life, would not efface or eradicate from my memory, it struck me with a kind of stupor and a total of oblivion of where I was, and of every sublunary concern”.  The newly fictional film Black Panther at the Blue Nile shows a clear story that Ethiopia has peerless history, suitable climate, diversity of peoples and language, breathtaking landscape, hospitable and friendly people, spectacular waterfall and lakes, magnificent geological and natural wonders match the Wakanda nation in the Black Panther.

Simien Mountain National Park

The semien mounation national park is one of the main national park in Ethiopia which had been registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1978 and the boundary of the park starts about 35km from the towns of Gonder. The park and its vicinity have spectacular natural scenery where a series of craggy peaks and ruggedly carved steeples, mountain summits and plateaus along with the amazing landscapes and steep slopes together create an intriguing combination.  In the park we can find three of the most colorful endemic mammals in Ethiopia among the 31 mamalian species of wild life and from the 16 Ethiopian endemic bird species, 6 are found only in the park. Walia Ibex, Red fox, and Gelada baboon are the endemic mammals found in the park and nowehere else in the world.


Afar is located in the North Eaastern part of Ethiopia and the region has common boundaries with Eritrea in the north Eastern, Tigrai in the north –West, Amhara in the North and Djibouti in the East. The region is considered to be the most inhospitable area in the world  due to its hot temperature and the region is endowed with various tourist attractions

The Afar Depression also known as Dalol or Denakil depression, its part of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and a geological depression that is caused by the Afar Triangle Junction and its one lowest and hottest places year-round anywhere on Earth.

Erta-Ale, means smoking mountain in the local Afar language and its southern most pit is known as locally “the gateway to hell”. Erta-Ale is a continuously most active basalt volcano in Ethiopia founded in Afar depression, the desert area spanning the border with Ertrea and the volcano itself is surrounded completely by an area below sea level making it a relatively low elevation volcano. Erta –Ale is formed almost entirely out of lava that was poured out of volcano’s crater and The most impressive part of Erta Ale is volcano is its lava which is no-table for being the longest existing lava lake in the world.

One of the world’s most famous hominid fossils known as “Lucy” was discovered in the lower Awash Valley in the searing heart of eastern Afar region. The area contains some of the most important paleontological remains of the African continent and some of which are atleast 3.2 million years old “Lucy” was reconstructed after52 fragments of skeleton were founded in 1974 by Donal Johanson believed to have had a tiny brain and can walk upright.

Awash National Park

The park is  one the very well known national park in Ethiopia found some 225km East of Addis Abeba and it covers an area of 756sq.kms in the northern part of the Rift valley. The park is a home of more than 75 Mamals, and 450 bird species are founded in the park. Some of the mammals are Oryx, Black-Backed and common Jackals, Caracal, Columbus and velvet monkey, Anubis Baboons,Lions, Liopards, Menelik’s bushbuck, greater and Lesser kudu, and Cheatah. The parks is often described a bird paradise for bird lovers and one can observed various species of birds in the park. In the northern part of the park, there are a hot springs where one can relax and visit the sparkling blue green pools and rivers. The pools are pleasant to swim in.

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